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dek is very patient and relaxed

driving instructor

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mon & tues start after 9am finish before 5 pm

wed  thur fri start after 9.15 finish before 3 00 pm

Learner drivers who have never drove before

3 lesson  £15 00 p/h

then £ 23 p/h lessons

i f you had lessons before then

    1 lesson £15

      then £ 23 p/h

mon to fri after 5pm

                                                         never drove before 

                                                                     3 lessons £15 p/h then £25 p/h

                                               if you have drove before all lessons £25 p/h

                                                                      weekend lesson

                                                                        £30 p/h


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If you have a full licence


Pass plus £ 25.00 p/h but if had  lessons with me £23.00 p/h

Motorway lessons £25.00 p/h but if had lessons with me £23.00 p/h

Assessment drive £ 23 p/h

phone 01827 287400  or 07985933737 email